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PragmatiKHR to launch innovative caseflowhr platform

PragmatiKHR, part of the Midlands-based visionary Martin James Network, has announced its innovative and proprietary caseflowhr platform will be launched in January 2021. Representative of the next generation of case management systems, caseflowhr is poised to disrupt the digital HR market.

The product of 12 months of dedicated development during lockdown, caseflowhr combines employment law expertise with the skill of an employee relations (ER) practitioner to create an on-demand digital employee relations specialist that is both disruptive and transformative.

Cofounders of PragmatiKHR, Greg Hartigan and Jill Hartigan, bring with them a combined six decades of HR and ER experience, as well as familiarity with business management, legal sector knowledge and training expertise. They are supported by Jim Cockburn and Ayyab Cockburn of the Martin James Network.

To find out more about the launch of caseflowhr, or register your interest in a demonstration, get in touch below.


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