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COVID-19 has made HR tech a priority

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, with its national and regional restrictions, high level of redundancies, and stop-start economy, has created an environment of both disruption and innovation. Sectors experienced different challenges, with some expanding rapidly and others dealing with large-scale layoffs.

With the introduction of ‘furlough’ into everyday vocabulary, as well as the rise in short-term contracts to support the rapidly growing home delivery sector, HR professionals have responded efficiently to unprecedented demands. As organisations look to 2021 and beyond, the role of HR is more important than ever.

Building on global research, we suggest HR will take centre stage in driving people transformation; redefining organisations; and enabling change. A more human-centric organisational culture looks set to emerge from the pandemic, putting people first, with digital transformation supporting HR to take a more strategic role.

HR technology is becoming an essential feature of organisations, filling in the communications and operational gaps created by the pandemic, remote working, and increasingly dispersed workforces. Business interruption is no longer a possibility, but a reality. That is where caseflowhr steps in.

To find out more about the launch of caseflowhr, or register your interest in a demonstration, get in touch below.


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