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Introducing caseflowhr

Employee Relations is the relationship of trust between an organisation and its workforce. Trust is established through transparent processes, well-defined policies and legal compliance. Employee Relations is the key to aligning organisational strategy with the needs of the workforce. If Employee Relations are managed correctly, it creates a positive culture of fairness and productivity.

Caseflowhr is an online digital employee relations specialist. Its ground-breaking technology provides busy HR professionals with assisted AI ensuring decisions which are timely and legally compliant, as well as making sure a fair procedure is followed. Caseflowhr is the new generation of HR case management systems. Its agile platform utilises bot technology to provide automated, easy-to-use pathways across a range of ER cases. All this sits alongside integrated case management functionality so that easily accessible case data can be turned into strategic HR intelligence for spotting trends and overseeing multiple case progress.

From public to private sector, healthcare to retail, utilities to home delivery, never before have HR departments faced such a challenge of doing more with less.
Caseflowhr has been designed to help you meet this challenge. It is a transformational online tool which combines assisted AI with the very best of case management functionality.
Caseflowhr puts people at the heart of your Employee Relations practices, whilst reducing time and costs.
For further details, have a look at the caseflowhr page, and send us your contact details via the form below and we can arrange a demonstration

Why should I use caseflowhr?

The unique automated pathways guide HR professionals step-by-step through procedures which are ACAS compliant and reflect statute and case law.

Assisted decision makingWhether complex or simple, caseflowhr provides you with assisted AI to support decision making and to reach reasonable and legally defensible outcomes.
Tailored pathwaysCaseflowhr’s agile platform provides tailored online pathways to conform to your organisation’s HR policies and procedures so that all cases are managed correctly and consistently.
Case documentation and summaryProvides legally compliant template letters and forms to address each aspect of the case, which can be uploaded to help form a Tribunal-ready bundle.
Unique Summary SheetIt automatically populates a summary of key events as each case progresses, which provides a case chronology of decisions and procedural events.
Dashboard and analyticsAccess meaningful analytics in at-a-glance dashboards to get an instant overview of current cases, quickly identifying trends allowing preventative actions.
Risk reduction and business interruptionManage business risk and ensure continuity through close oversight and appropriate escalation of, for example, serious cases, long term absences and suspensions.

What procedures can caseflowhr support?

Caseflowhr features an extensive range of pathways which comply with ACAS, statute and case law. However, the pathways can be fully tailored to accommodate your internal policy and procedural requirements.

Launch procedures include:
  • Misconduct – Disciplinary & Dismissal
  • Ill Heath – Management & Dismissal
  • Poor Performance – Disciplinary & Dismissal
  • Flexible Working Requests
  • Lay Off & Short Time Working
  • Redundancy
  • Relocation/Mobility Clauses
  • Repeated Intermittent Short-Term Absence
  • Long Term Sickness Absence
  • Business Restructuring & Reorganisation (Collective Consultation)
  • Administration of a Sickness Absence Episode
  • Maternity
  • Adoption (Agency)
  • Right to Unpaid Leave to Accompany to Ante-natal appointments
Phase 2 procedures include:
  • Grievance
  • Management of Fixed Term Contracts
  • Changing Employment Terms (Non TUPE)
  • Absent without leave
  • Paternity
  • Adoption (non-Agency)
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Whistleblowing
  • TUPE - Transfer In / Transfer Out
  • Settlement Agreements

Don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch and we’ll add it to our development pipeline!

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Out of the Box

Realising your investment in caseflowhr

HR departments generally do not earn revenue. This can make justifying any increased spending difficult. But the return on your investment in caseflowhr is easily explained through efficiency savings, improved performance and a reduction in your overall spend.


Reduced costs: caseflowhr achieves more with less and reduces your overall ER cost. Improved performance and less time wasted on basic admin and case management means that your HR staff can be freed up to perform other value-added duties.
Reduced time: from automatic date calculations in family friendly cases, through to managing complex collective redundancy cases, caseflowhr cuts down the amount of time spent on cases.
Better analytics: caseflowhr turns data into intelligence, allowing you to spot trends and track progress. You can identify problems and then focus your efforts on what matters.
Better decisions: caseflowhr’s assisted AI ensures fair procedures and reasonable decisions. No more relying on memory or on key HR staff since knowledge and best practice become commonplace.
Enhanced recording: caseflowhr provides full templates and forms for managing any ER case. These can be uploaded systematically to help create a Tribunal-ready bundle.
Enhanced Tribunal preparation: caseflowhr’s unique Summary Sheet provides a chronology of each case. Knowing what decisions were taken and why is crucial. Caseflowhr provides this, and the evidence trail, in one place.

Create your own HR technology

Versatile, adaptable, and agile, caseflowhr provides a fully customisable approach to meeting your organisation’s needs.

Our agile platform gives you total control and empowers you to create a seamless digital tool to fit your needs perfectly. Caseflowhr’s pathways can be as prescriptive or as generic as you like, for all cases or just some cases – you call the shots!

Our clients expect a personalised service with little effort – with caseflowhr you can custom-create your own HR technology.

Caseflowhr is one of the most agile HR tools on the market today, disrupting traditional case management systems and providing you with a bespoke approach to your ER issues.

To find out more, visit caseflowhr.co.uk

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Create your own pizza

COVID-19 has made HR tech a priority

Organisations big and small were hit by COVID-19 in 2020. While some were fortunate enough to see their sector expand, requiring rapid recruitment and short-term contracts, others had to quickly learn how to manage furlough schemes and large-scale layoffs.

In the chaos, HR departments responded efficiently to unprecedented demands. However, COVID-19 has changed the work landscape forever. Business interruption is no longer a luxury.

As a result, HR tech is becoming an essential feature of more and more organisations as it fills in the communications and operational gaps created by the pandemic and whatever comes next.

With caseflowhr, HR teams can use technology to respond rapidly and efficiently to an ever-changing environment without compromising HR service.

Find out more at caseflowhr.co.uk

Managing remote workforces and the opportunities for the future

In April 2020, Office for National Statistics data suggested almost half of UK employed adults were working from home. This is a massive increase from the previous year when a mere 5% worked from home.

Although there are roles which cannot be remote, particularly within transportation, storage, health services, accommodation, retail and food services sectors, the 2020 pandemic emergency has ensured that remote working as a concept is here to stay.

Caseflowhr was specifically designed during the lockdown to accommodate the ‘new normal’ which is a world of remote working. Caseflowhr gives HR professionals the peace of mind to manage employee relations remotely, compliantly and consistently – whatever gets thrown at them!

Find out more at caseflowhr.co.uk

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Remote Working

Better ER for the 21st century

Caseflowhr combines employment law expertise with the skill of an ER practitioner to create an on-demand digital employee relations specialist that is both disruptive and transformative.

HR departments are facing massive challenges: increased employment rights, constant change and increased demands. All these impact on the quality of Employee Relations. Getting this wrong has chronic effects on workforce morale.

Caseflowhr offers an online tool to expedite ER cases throughout the entire employment cycle whilst enhancing the employee experience. It allows your Employee Relations practice to keep pace with the increased expectations of a fast-moving, complex environment.

Caseflowhr is adaptable to the public sector ER practice including NHS Agenda for Change or local government’s Green Book. It is also adaptable to private or third sector people practices.

Employee Relations will always exist where there are people. Caseflowhr provides the best means of managing your ER response in a way which supports your values and aligns your people and organisational strategies.

Get in touch to find out more about how caseflowhr can help you.

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Introducing the caseflowhr team

Your day to day operational team consists of Greg Hartigan and Jill Hartigan.

Greg Hartigan – Co-founder, Managing Director

Greg has over 30 years’ HR and ER experience, both as a practitioner and Director. His sector experience covers manufacturing, IT and social care. He has a master’s degree in Employment Law and has completed the legal studies (GDL, LPC) for qualifying as a solicitor. He is a Fellow of the CIPD and a CILEx Associate.

Jill Hartigan – Co-founder, Commercial and Operations Director

Jill has spent the past 30+ years in public and private sector HR roles, including television, holistic health and beauty, NHS Ambulance Service and social care. She has also built and sold her own training business, putting this experience to use in creating the caseflowhr platform. She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

The day to day team is supplemented by strategic and commercial input from Jim Cockburn and Ayyab Cockburn.

Ayyab Cockburn – Co-founder, Director

Ayyab is a co-leader of the Martin James Network, the award-winning business group of which caseflowhr is a member. She has a diverse portfolio including establishing an international charity. She provides strategic and technological oversight and guidance for caseflowhr.

Jim Cockburn – Co-founder, Director

Jim is also a co-leader of the Martin James Network. He has established many successful businesses and social enterprises. He oversees the commercial direction of caseflowhr.

About the Martin James Network

The Martin James Network has a linked vision of connecting minds, shaping futures, and transforming lives. Featuring several groups of complementary organisations, from charities to leading-edge technology brands, MJN empowers colleagues and communities to improve human experience. Find out more at martinjamesnetwork.com

Building long-term relationships

Successful Employee Relations is about successful relationships, whether between an organisation and its workforce or between the caseflowhr team and you, the client.

At caseflowhr, we are here for the long-term, to build relationships of trust and support. Our collective experiences and connections bring together a fusion of insights and skills: legal, technical, HR and commercial. We understand your needs and pressures.

Caseflowhr is so much more than a traditional case management system. We believe that you need much, much more than a progress chaser. We think that you need a tool which so perfectly fits your ER needs that it becomes your business partner.

Caseflowhr has been designed with you in mind.

We also believe in the power of connection and that we can all benefit from shared experiences.

During 2021, we will be hosting a series of webinars with influencers in the employee relations and HR space to do just that.

If you would like to take part, please tick the relevant box on the back page, and we’ll be in touch!

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