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Employee Relations is the relationship of trust between an organisation and its workforce.  Trust is established through transparent processes, well-defined policies and legal compliance. Employee Relations is the key to aligning organisational strategy with the needs of the workforce. If Employee Relations are managed effectively, it creates a positive culture of fairness and productivity.

Caseflowhr is an online digital employee relations specialist. Its ground-breaking technology provides busy HR professionals with assisted AI ensuring decisions which are timely and legally compliant, as well as making sure a fair procedure is followed. Caseflowhr is the new generation of HR case management systems. Its agile platform utilises bot technology to provide automated, easy-to-use pathways across a range of ER cases. All this sits alongside integrated case management functionality so that easily accessible case data can be turned into strategic HR intelligence for spotting trends and overseeing multiple case progress.  

From public to private sector, healthcare to retail, utilities to home delivery, never before have HR Departments faced such a challenge of doing more with less.  Caseflowhr has been designed to help you meet this challenge.  It is a transformational online tool which combines assisted AI with the very best of case management functionality.

Caseflowhr puts people at the heart of your Employee Relations practices, whilst reducing time and costs.

For further details, have a look at the caseflowhr page, and send us your contact details via the form below and we can arrange a demonstration.


What our customers say:

Caseflowhr is a practical timesaver.  It helps keep track of ER cases and bring reassurance that they are managed correctly and on time.

Mark S, Group Chief People Director, Birmingham

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